Sales and service that cares about your business.

Our team brings two distinct advantages to buyers of fresh products. First is our one-on-one relationship with our producer partners. It’s critical for you to know and rely that your providers deliver safe and quality products each and every time. We make sure that happens by having a first-hand understanding of our farmers, families, and producer partners.

Secondly, we are committed to customer service. You will work with a team member that lives and breathes your region and is right around the corner so they can stop by when you need them. Our team members also have years of experience in different areas of produce. We know those things help you find the right solutions and products that fit your needs.

What we bring to our customers…

  • Vetted Producer Partners
  • Source Processor at your Doorstep
  • Strategically Placed Regional Representatives
  • See it For Yourself
  • Commodity Options